Is based on a unique antimicrobial technology which effectively controls bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, algae and yeasts on a wide variety of treated articles and substrates. The base active ingrediant is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and comparable regulatory bodies around the world. The antimicrobial has been used safely and effectively in all areas from construction to retail, as well as hospital applications.

PureChem™ Overview

  • When applied with approved application methods. PureChem™ is effective in eliminating 99.997% of bacteria (staphylococcus, typical e-coli, salmonella, listeria, and others),virus (influenza, Hepatitis B & C, SARS and others) algae, mold and fungus on treated surfaces  
  • No rinsing required  
  • Once dry, it creates a protective antimicrobial layer on treated surfaces that lasts for several days  
  • Base chemical solution is registered with the EPA and is approved by the USDA (US Department of
  • Agriculture) for incidental food contact
  • PureChem™ is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-leaching and child safe.  
  • PureChem™ can be applied on both hard and soft surfaces.  
  • Helps control odors

PureChem Treated Surface vs Untreated Surface


How does it work?

The active ingredient in PureChem™ does not allow these potentially harmful microbes from bonding to a surface or substrate. This ensures they cannot live or multiply. PureChem™ physically disrupts or “disembowels” microorganism’s cell membranes on contact neutralizing the microbe. This is similar to what other strong harmful disinfecting chemicals do, like bleach. The difference is unlike these harmful cleaners that only work immediately on a surface; PureChem™ provides lasting protection that will remain on the treated area for several days with each treatment. PureChem™ molecularly bonds to the treated surface, thus making the entire material itself antimicrobial. PureChem™ will not wash or wipe off.


How does PureChem™ get applied?

  • Patented technology evenly applies PureChem™ in a fine mist producing a lasting protective layer on the entire treated surface.  
  • PureChem™ is available as a concentrate or as a "ready to use" solution.  
  • When using concentrate the use of the PureChem™ Dispensing Center is recommended.  To use simply connected to a water source, the system automatically dispenses the correct amount of diluted PureChem™  
  • Purifying mist goes on quickly and dries in minutes. Excess solution evaporates quickly  
  • Once dry, the treated surface has a lasting antimicrobial layer of protection that lasts for days