Use on Hard & Soft Surfaces

Industry Specific Areas

Carts, baskets, public seating, kiddie rides, Play areas (tot spots), vending machines, cash register lanes, food service, etc..

Offices, locker rooms, food service areas, gyms, arenas, seating areas,conference rooms, concession stands, vehicles

health clubsHealth Clubs & Athletics
Health clubs, Fitness centers, Athletic Departments

Institutional / Schools / Municipal
Athletic uniforms / equipment, classrooms, wrestling mats, locker rooms, bleachers, medical centers, food service areas, gyms, arenas, concession areas, vehicles and buses, pews, health club equipment, playground equipment

Front desk, mattresses, tile & bath surfaces, furniture, conference areas, housekeeping carts / equipment, restaurants, spas, launder textile products (bed spreads, linens, towels), amusement parks, rentals (Strollers, bikes, helmets, etc.)

Seating (airline, bus, cab / taxi, cruise ship), ticket counters, turnstiles, terminals,
service carts / areas, rental vehicles

Kennels, floors, Inspection table, waiting area, scale, medical equipment, pet bedding, etc...

Playground equipment, toys, puzzles, art supplies, blocks, mats, etc...

Emergency Rooms, waiting areas, wheelchairs, scrubs, lab coats, divider curtains, mattresses, ice machine, cafeteria, EMS equipment / vehicles, gurneys, housekeeping carts / equipment, crash carts, physical therapy areas / equipment

ConstructionConstruction / Recycling / Restoration
Wood / tile surfaces, wall coverings, post-consumer waste, high odor areas, mold areas

Food Industry
Processing equipment, preparation surfaces, checkout counters, soda fountains, ice machines, transportation vehicles / trucks, lab areas, break rooms, vending machines, dumpsters / high odor areas

Kitchen SurfacesHome / Personal Use
Garbage disposal, Pet area, garage, guest rooms, basement, window coverings, bathroom

Common Areas

Hard Surfaces: Floors, desks, chairs, phones, walls, doors, toilets, railings, bathroom fixtures, public seating, wastebaskets, recycle bins, countertops, tables, plumbing fixtures, appliances, tile and others

Soft Surfaces: Carpets, upholstery, window treatments, uniforms, towels, linens, pillows, blankets, HVAC filers